Audio Advertising Get Involved For the Future

Audio Advertising Get Involved For the Future

“Podcasting” is one of the latest and most popular advertising and marketing formats that have taken a strong grip on the internet over the last a number of months. The word “podcasting” is really a derivative of Apple’s “iPod” and “broadcasting”. It really refers to the capability of RSS 2.0 to immediately deliver audio and video files over the internet by subscription. Often times, podcasts are actually delivered by means of MP3 files that can be played from an iPod, a MP3 player, or a personal computer. You can learn more about this innovation right here:.

Paradoxically, a couple months back, I had done a telephone meeting. All of individuals listening to the show dialed up into a remotely hosted phone bank to pay attention to the program. Although that program was delivered through a basic telephone system, a couple of listeners who later called me had actually stated that he heard my “podcast”. It seems a great deal of people automatically used that term to the phone job interview, although the job interview was not offered in a computer format and even available from a pc.


I have actually always been a huge fan of talk radio and talk shows. I still am.

When my wife is not in the room, I listen to lots of educational television and political talk shows. When my wife is not in the auto, I primarily pay attention to AM radio. My main focus in the automobile is politics and news, unless it is late at night then it is Art Bell I hear one of the most.

Naturally, my wife hates that kind of thing, so that is why I only listen to it when she is not around and when she is asleep. I would rather take pleasure in the program than to pay attention to her nag about why I pay attention to that “crap”.;-).


I have actually always felt that there would be a place in internet marketing for content delivered through an audio format.

Back in early 2000, I had discovered the possibility of bringing some of my own content to the internet in a streaming audio format. Regrettably, at that time, I actually did not have the time or resources to seriously pursue the concept. I was forced to shelf the concept in 2000, because of the high cost of the bandwidth required for delivery of streaming audio shows via the internet.

By the end of 2004, “podcasting” had come of age, and online marketers the world over were offering audio formatted company information online. I suspect that 5 years ago, I was just a bit ahead of the curve.


Like I discussed before, a couple of months back, I had done a live telephone interview with a mentoring program, and we had several hundred listeners to the program. From that one meeting, I managed to get a number of thousand in brand-new business and several new and regular customers, and that was an actually small listening audience.

All I can say about that event is that it sold me on the idea of using audio programs to offer my online services.


I am in a special company. Often times when I talk with individuals, who are not running an online company, they will ask me exactly what it is that I do precisely. Below is where the obstacle gets in the formula.

You could have never logged onto the web or you might be a regular web individual, however if you are not engaged in the business of selling items and services online, you might not understand my service. I can’t inform you how commonly I get in touch with non-marketers and get a blank gaze when I try to describe my company to them. Even my spouse’s aunt and uncle get the “deer in the headlights look” when I try to explain to them the nature of my business. He runs a favorable offline business, but it does not bring him any closer to an understanding of my business model.

Numerous of you who know me, comprehend precisely exactly what it is that I do and can comprehend why I make a good living doing it. You can understand the value provided to my clients through my company model.

Those of you who have no idea me do should understand a bit more about me before I continue.

At this very minute, you are either reviewing somebody’s internet site or reviewing their online newsletter, and you are reading this article that I have provided completely free to publishers and webmasters.

In this short article, it is my objective initially to inform you about something of interest to “you”. My hope is that when you get to completion of the article, you will be rather taken with me, and you will like to know even more about me. Then, when you review the About the Author info at the bottom of this article, and you will see my website and review my services and products with interest.

That makes sense, right? You have come further than a lot of individuals I talk to about my business model.

With my main service, I am the “go-to guy” for getting your articles provided to the greatest numbers of publishers and web designers who want discovering content that they can utilize with their ezines and websites.


When making use of free-reprint short articles to market your online company, you are commonly more successful in getting your post reprinted and in getting web traffic to your site, if you take the mindset of informing your reader above all else. If you get lost on the concept that you are using this advertising method to advertise your business, then you will have missed out on the secret to your success.

Remember exactly what I stated above, “it is my goal first to educate you about something of interest to you.” You are the reader, and you will just want to review exactly what I have actually composed, if I am providing info to you that is of interest to “you”.

Lots of marketers make the error of thinking their post is intended to offer their products or services, instead of themselves.

When you want to attend to the concerns of the reader above all else, then you will have provided a service of value to your reader. In doing this, you sell your reader on “you”. And, your About the Author info works as the teaser/lead/ad to take your reader to your site, where you will get the chance to sell your reader on your business, services and products.

Educate your reader first, and sales will follow.

This system works for hundreds of my customers and for myself.


When a lot of people think of radio marketing, they think of 30-second and 60-second ads. This is great for individuals who sells vehicles, hot tubs, groceries, and various other products that are currently well-understood by the listening audience.

However, if your company were like mine– challenging for the average individual to comprehend, then a 30- or 60-second radio spot would be an overall waste of your marketing budget!

On the other hand, it would be different if I could get 15, 30 or 60 minutes to explain to my listeners exactly what my business is and how it would be helpful for the listener to use it for the advertising of their own business, then I would have a good chance of getting my listener’s business.

In my phone meeting, we actually spent one hour and twenty minutes talking, and that meeting produced a couple thousand dollars in new business. It was the most rewarding one hour and twenty minutes I had ever spent.

Can you envision just how much more business I would have gotten if the audience were coast-to-coast, and I was reaching hundreds of hundreds of listeners instead of hundreds of listeners? And, can you picture just how much more company I could have produced from that meeting, if it had been simulcast live on the web and archived in MP3 format for me to offer later to site visitors to my internet site?

I can envision … That is why I got so delighted when I was able to strike a deal with an across the country known, radio personality to make this kind of service available to my clients. To find out more about this opportunity to advertise your company with a country wide syndicated, business radio talk show, using the long form job interview

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