20 Years ago I read a marketing plan from Starbucks which said that the best markets are in the third world countries because there is no competition. So I decided to move from the US to Mexico being that Starbucks was not in Mexico. I used this opportunity to tap the potential in this virgin market and developed a better concept than anyone including Starbucks. I created Java Times Caffe to provide coffee services to the Mexican market. My dedicated team and I embarked on a mission to give our customers the remarkable services at affordable prices without compromise on quality. We worked so hard and did the best we possible could with limited funds. We educated the locals of all ages and established ourselves as the best. Noticing the potential that was in this area, Starbucks ventured in this same market. Four years after Starbucks arrival; it was no problem for us since we had a great reputation of being the best in all aspects of a coffee shop as we mainly focused on quality and unique flavors that gave our clients value for their money. In an act of malicious competition, Starbucks surrounded us with four coffee shops, all brand new with more comfortable seats, a great air condition and breathtaking finishes; after all in countries like Mexico most people are not well off and having a sofa or air conditioner at home is a luxury and only a chosen few can afford (remember the marketing manual i read). We did not care whether it was good for us or not as we were confident that we were the best. As a blessing in disguise, Starbucks helped us since our customers got more interested in Starbucks to live the experience only to come back to Java Times Caffe disappointed and appreciated our quality even more, as it was second to no other. It felt nice as it was worth the sacrifice of fewer profits without compromise on quality and exceptional customer service. Starbucks was clearly defeated and unable to take over our clientele. There was no problem with them creating their own customers as a marketing strategy as this would be good for the coffee business in the city. Their marketing strategy has always been to conquer the big cities first then small cities. They did all this but we still stood tall and thrived even more. However, in 2011 they came up with a winning strategy by convincing the mall owner to give them a mall, yes a mall where Java Times caffe had been for the last 9 years and opened right in front of our store. This was very unfair and it’s disheartening how someone can work so hard for 9 years establishing her/himself only for others to use the easy way by setting up their store right in front of the other. I am not really complaining for I now know better. We have so much pain right now, but we believe that if we feel pain we are not dead yet, and what does not kill you only makes you stronger. We will survive the storm by giving a good fight but we are worried about other coffee shops that cannot stand strong since they are not ready to defeat Starbucks‘ new strategy. Is this the coffee giant’s new way of dominating the coffee market by not sharing the market opportunities with more than just a few cold business companies? This is out rightly unfair competition. Thank gracious for awaking me, yes me! I will surely put together the best concepts in the world of coffee and tea, and yes I will share it with all. I will share the java times brand, the concepts, the passion, the love and convert coffee shops that were hurt by your unethical forms of businesses, and yes, I will share it all with the world. I am awaken again, you really helped, thank you. We are ahead of the game and alone without competition; distributing more than 100,000 free coupons will not be enough. We all know that when you had five stores others had 300 and so the odds are looking really good for Java Times Caffe. Best Regards to you Starbucks Java Times Caffe Team (just a few)

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