Why cooking classes are perfect for corporate events in London

Cooking is an activity that has many different associations. It can bring comfort after a hard day; the perfect antidote to stress both as you mix the batter and take a batch of cupcakes from the oven. It can be art, as with a display of pastel-coloured macaroons or handmade ravioli. It can be an astonishing display of culinary skill, professional chefs working together to produce fine cuisine. It can be a corporate event. Team building Cookery classes may not seem the most obvious choice for a team building activity, but offer all the right ‘ingredients’ for a successful event. Taking your employees to a top London cooking school to produce a meal together can be tremendously exciting and they’ll learn much more than culinary skills. Cooking requires time-management, teamwork, an ability to follow instructions and good communication. There is pressure to perform but at the same time it’s something everyone can get involved in. As your staff won’t be cooking for a demanding public, you can have a good laugh if something goes wrong. The level of interaction possible during a cooking class is far more than would be found in other activities often used for team building. Staff may discover they have a common interest they didn’t know about before. After all, who doesn’t love food? There is also time for relaxation and reflection, as everyone sits down together to enjoy the meal they’ve created at the end of the day. Brand launches, PR and media events Kitchens can be great setting for product launches and PR events, especially if the product is food-related. London cooking schools have state-of-the-art kitchens and dining areas which provide a clean, modern backdrop for the product. Venues can be hired by the hour, although some offer other services from the creation of menus to the organisation of the whole affair. Hospitality Corporate cooking classes also provide an opportunity to entertain clients. Business relationships can benefit from doing something a little more interactive and the event will be much more memorable than just going for a meal. It’s not every day you have the opportunity to brush up your culinary skills with a professional chef, after all. London cooking schools often have private dining areas so that you can eat and chat in comfort when the cooking is done. Corporate gifts If you do choose to entertain clients in a London cooking school, you might want to give them something as a memento. Branded aprons, items of cookware and gift boxes are all possibilities, or you could offer gift cards so they can return to participate in a class with their families. If the school has a shop, you can exchange the cards for kitchen equipment from pots and pans to knives and silicone bakeware. You can also take the recipes home so you and your clients can practice your new skills.